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Events throughout 2009

January 2009

Jan 9th Nuraghic Culture - prehistoric villages in Sardinia, a presentation by Sarah Fry

February 2009

Feb 13th Borderware - Searching the Documents, by Peter Tipton of the Yateley Society

March 2009

Excavation: Easter Bank Hol 2009 Copse near Farnham, Feature 5

Our 2009 AGM took place on March 27th.

At the end of March our watching brief on 23 Tower Hill commenced. Sarah Fry had planned this for 2008 but the owner delayed due to the uncertainty caused by the banking crisis. The contractors on site allowed us access and enabled us to dig a couple of 1m square trial trenches.

Sarah and Don mark out trial trench 2

April 2009

Following our AGM, the next meeting on April 3rd was an illustrated talk by Tony Wright: The History of Elvetham Hall. This talk was well received by a large audience, many of whom had either visited or worked at the Hall over the years as it changed from private estate to training establishment and finally hotel and conference venue.
The meeting on Friday 24 April was a member's evening. Members evenings are informal gatherings to discuss current projects and topics of interest and ideas for future events. It is a chance for everyone to have their say.
Three new members were welcomed. Peter Tipton of theYateley Society was on hand with the latest news from the HeathHist Potters project. Sherds of Borderware pottery from a site in Tower Hill, Cove, were available for inspection (see examples below). Ian Simpson had also brought along his replica iron age pot.

borderware sherds

Information on 18th and 19th century Cove and Farnborough from the recent visit to Hampshire Record Office by Don Woollhead, Sarah Fry, Richard Hoyland and Rosemary Rawcliffe was exchanged.
Large maps showing Farnborough land use, originally drawn up by long term NEHHAS member Pat Hix, were photographed for inclusion in the historical map section of our website.

May 2009

On 8th May Paul Goodenough gave a very interesting talk on The Development of Early Christian Churches, 4th to 8th Centuries. Among other things his presentation showed how the evolving baptismal practices of the early church influenced the layout of buildings as evidenced from their archaeological remains. Much re-use of earlier buildings, such as Roman Mithraeums and mausolea, temples of Romano-British cults and early Saxon churches, also took place. Some of our oldest churches, in their architectural features, reveal elements of their diverse origins.

On 23rd May, Sarah Fry and Richard Hoyland went on a field trip to Avebury as part of a short course with the University of Reading School of Continuing Education. The photo shows tutor, Dr. Mike Allen, demonstrating augering in the field adjacent to the monument.

augering at Avebury

June 2009

On 12th June Pam Taylor gave an illustrated talk entitled Rock Art in Southern Libya. Pam's recent holiday showed something of the wealth of both painted and chiselled artworks in that part of North Africa, stretching back to pre-historic times. Her adventures were slightly restricted by the uneasy border situation between Libya and Algeria into whose region the rock art extends. Nevertheless, Pam showed us many fine examples of this ancient traditional art form.

After tea, Richard Hoyland and Sarah Fry gave a short presentation on the excavation at Tower Hill.

During the evening of 26th June, despite a poor weather forecast, 16 members enjoyed a leisurely summer walk to Caesar's Camp near Hale, via the abandoned settlement at Bricksbury Hill. The remains of dwelling walls and trackways showed evidence of the settlement which ended when the army bought the land in mid 19th century. Defensive banks and ditches mark the SW extent of the hill-fort, the origins of which are still debated. Returning to our cars parked on the Odiham Road we passed the remains of gravel extraction sites and a 60cm narrow-gauge industrial railway line.

members walk near Caesars Camp

July 2009

Our CBA Festival of British Archaeology event on Sunday 19th July at Farnborough Community Centre was the Local Studies Day. During the four hours scores of visitors came to view our information boards and take part in the various activities. It was good to see several children enjoying the experience of trowelling for finds and then cleaning them for subsequent marking. Apart from the wide range of pottery on display there was much interest shown in the photographs, maps and documents relating to local history. We hope that many of those who went away with application forms will be seen again in the autumn as new members!

some visitors to our CBA event

August 2009

The summer outing this year was to the Weald and Downland Open-Air Museum at Singleton, West Sussex on Thursday 20th August. Despite an uncertain weather forecast this turned out to be a very good day.

some of the members on the summer outing

September 2009

Friday 11th September was the first meeting of the Autumn season entitled: Summer Snapshots. This included three short illustrated talks. One by John Paddon on his visit to Athens, another by Sarah Fry on archaeological sites by the Amalfi coast and finally a short account of our summer CBA Festival event Local Studies Day. The meeting on Friday 25th September was a member's evening. Members evenings are informal gatherings to discuss current projects and topics of interest and ideas for future events. It is a chance for everyone to have their say.

October 2009

On Friday 9th October, Rosemary Rawcliffe gave her presentation on the Farnborough Workhouse entitled: Living on the Breadline. The talk drew together many of the elements she found in her research of what proved to be a very extensively documented local history subject. The level of interest was evident in the large turnout at the talk and the invitations she has received to repeat it at other venues. Her display boards on the workhouse, originally produced for our CBA Festival event in July, have already been shown at Fleet and Camberley.

Farnborough workhouse (front)Farnborough workhouse (side and rear)

November 2009

On Friday 13th November, Phil Stevens gave a talk on the history of nearby Surrey Heath during the 18th century.

December 2009

On Friday 11th December John Paddon gave a talk on his waterways holiday in Germany and Holland. The annual 'seasonal snacks' followed, this being the last meeting of the year.

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