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Events during 2010

January 2010

With the 8th January meeting cancelled due to snow, our first talk of the New Year was held on Friday 22nd. This was an excellent PowerPoint presentation by Sarah Fry on the excavations at Outsheets Farm and Tower Hill carried out some years ago. The audience included members who had dug and collected finds, many of which were on display at the meeting.

Outsheets Farm pottery

February 2010

Our planned talk for Friday 12th, The Looting of the Wanborough Hoard, had to be postponed at short notice. Fortunately Richard Hoyland had two short presentations prepared and other members had brought in a large amount of local pottery for inspection. The presentations were on a visit to Cresswell Crags in Nottinghamshire and on a Reading University short course which involved augering at Avebury in Wiltshire.

March 2010

Pam Taylor's talk on Friday 12th Ancient Syria used many of the best photos taken on her recent tour. The sites she visited included Krak des Chevaliers and other Crusader castles, Roman city/town remains and earlier mud-brick built sites. Despite the political system of the country, the people she met were very friendly and keen to try out their limited English!

The NEHHAS AGM held on 26th March was well attended and the main business completed in only 90 minutes! Over tea and hot cross buns the events planned for the coming season were one topic of conversation.

April 2010

On Fri 9th Alan Jacobs from Hampshire Museum Service gave an illustrated talk on the various finds on show or held in store. Alan's talk started with the Stone Age and went through to the Post-Medieval era. A number of NEHHAS members have recently spent time at the Museum's store at Chilcomb, Winchester to help catalogue the artefacts.
Fri 23rd was a Member's Evening at which the Society's planned summer events were discussed. These include this year's CBA Festival.

May 2010

On Fri 14th, Alan Bridgeman gave his highly entertaining talk entitled: The Looting of the Wanborough Hoard to a capacity audience. Helped by the extra publicity, the event attracted several new faces to our regular Friday meeting. With regard to the origin of the hoard, some members were intrigued by a suggested connection with Boudicca's sacking of Colchester and London!

June 2010

The evening walk around Crondall on Fri 11th was a popular event made all the more enjoyable by the good weather.

July 2010

There was a 'workshop' on Fri 9th to prepare displays for our CBA Festival of British Archaeology event on Mon. 25th, the Archaeology Roadshow. Alan Jacobs, from Hampshire Museum Services, visited us on the Monday and brought with him a number of artefacts and other items. These included a working rotary quern replica which enabled visitors to grind wheat to make flour.

CBA Festival eventRotary Quern replica

Examples of food made from recipies from both the Iron Age and Tudor/Stuart times were sampled and display boards showed how they would have been prepared long ago. Games and puzzles were also available for adults and children and there were several books on sale too.

Foods cooked to old recipiesSarah Fry's Iron-Age display

For NEHHAS members and friends the day was overshadowed by the news that Sarah Fry, who carried out much of the preparation for the event, was in hospital having suffered a stroke just days before. Our thoughts are very much with her and her family.

August 2010

The guided walk around Farnborough's early village on Sun 1st was the second of our CBA Festival of British Archaeology events. The walk attracted many followers and was lead by local historian Jo Gosney, starting from St. Peter's church.

On Tuesday 17th the funeral took place of Sarah Fry, NEHHAS committee member, who unfortunately died on Thu 5th. The chapel at Woking Crematorium was packed with friends and family and afterwards a reception was held in the Holiday Inn, Farnborough. Many photos of Sarah were on display at the reception which brought back happy memories of someone who will be greatly missed.

The NEHHAS summer outing took place on Wed 25th to Andover Museum which incorporates The Museum of the Iron Age. The good turnout, despite uncertain weather, reflects the fact that this must be one of the best local museums in our area.

Some members of NEHHAS at Andover Museum
Part of the group visiting the museum on the 25th.

September 2010

Our talk on the 10th, Archaeology of the Solent - Bouldnor Cliff was given by Garry Momber of the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology who stood in for collegue Gareth Owen. The talk gave an insight into the problems and rewards of underwater archaeology and presented details of the Mesolithic site near Bouldner Cliff toward the west end of the Isle of Wight. This site is throwing new light on a poorly understood period of our pre-history but the work being carried out is at risk, the Trust being totally dependant on donations and volunteers.

October 2010

On Friday 8th, local historian Jo Gosney gave her illustrated talk: Empress Eugenie. This well researched account of the Empress's role in the life of late 19th and early 20th century Farnborough was well received by the large audience. Apart from Farnborough Hill and the Abbey buildings a number of nearby houses of the period were associated with the Empress as were the names of local roads.

November 2010

The talk by Huw Williams on the 12th was entitled Heraclius - The First Crusader. This presentation covered the Byzantine Empire conquests in the East under the Emperor Heraclius. Although including Jerusalem, much of this expansion was later reversed by the emerging Muslim powers. Huw showed how the coinage of the time recorded the progress of the Roman conquests and then the final Arabic take-over.

December 2010

On Dec 10 at our final meeting of the year Tony and Virginia Wright gave their illustrated talk London Churches. This covered a selection of eight churches from the Temple Church to many re-built by Sir Christopher Wren and some later churches. The talk was followed by our traditional seasonal snacks.

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