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Events during 2011

January 2011

Our talk on Jan 14, The Development of Flint Tool Technology was given by Rob Banbury. In it he explained how flint was formed and how it was worked in different ways over time. To augment the photos in the presentation, Rob brought along many fine examples of worked flints, knapping tools and antler picks. Good attendance plus a few new faces meant that this event gave an encouraging start to the New Year!

February 2011

On Feb 11, Rosemary Rawcliffe gave her illustrated talk: The Gwent Levels - A Wetland Landscape. This area of south-east Wales has been utilised and managed over millenia by a succession of peoples. The changes they made to the landscape are still evident today to the trained eye and its uses described in land records.

March 2011

Our talk on March 11 was Aspects of Classical Western Turkey given by Pam Taylor. Beginning in Istanbul, Pam described her tour through and beyond Cappadocia, including Ephesus and other ancient sites. Three of her excellent photos are shown below:

RuinsChild's headLion mosaic

The society AGM, held on March 25th, was well attended and afterwards we were treated to a brief talk on Pompeii and surrounding district by John Paddon. He also mentioned a complete evening of talks by various speakers on Pompeii to be held later in the year.

April 2011

Due to the two Friday bank holidays, only one meeting was held in April and that was a Members Evening on the 8th.

May 2011

On the 13th our speaker Diana White gave a very interesting talk entitled: A Brief History of Bramshill House. The first recorded building on the site (apart from a possible Roman temple!) was a 14c hunting lodge. This was demolished and a large Jacobean country house built, 1605 - 1612. Over the centuries changes were made and it left private ownership to become a Red Cross Hospital during the 2nd World War. Finally in the 1950s it became the Police College. As if that isn't enough, it is reputed to be the most haunted house in Hampshire!

June 2011

Our two meetings in June were mainly taken up with preparation for the CBA Festival of British Archaeology in July.

July 2011

On the evening of Friday 22nd our first CBA Festival 2011 event A Walk at Greywell took place. The weather remained dry and 16 people enjoyed the walk, including a visit to the church which was opened especially for us.

Greywell churchGreywell mill

The following day, Saturday 23rd, our Local History Day was held in Princes Mead Shopping Centre, Farnborough. This attraced a lot of interest with many enquiries. The display boards remained in place for the following week.

NEHHAS CBA Festival event in Princes Mead

August 2011 - No meetings

September 2011

Our first meeting of the new season on Friday 9th was a Project Evening. As well as continuing the analysis of pottery from our 2009 dig at Tower Hill, Peter Tipton from the Yateley Society joined us in connection with local history research.

On Friday 23rd we were treated to three short presentations given by members; Croydon Airport, A Morning in Pompeii and Centuration in the Roman Empire.

Arch in PompeiiCroydon Airport

October 2011

Our illustrated talk on Friday 28th was The Iron Age Spear given by Malcolm Henderson of the Surrey Heath Archaeology Heritage Trust. In his talk Malcolm explained how chemical analysis of the remaining tiny particles of slag within the spear found near Windlesham matched the results of analysis carried out on samples of slag found locally. He brought with him the spear itself, which was an impressive object and the subject of much speculation as to its purpose.

November 2011

On Friday 11th, our talk A Dip into the Archives of the Willis Museum was given by Briony and John Hollands. The talk was based on historical records held at the Museum and included many interesting accounts of events in and around Basingstoke over the years. Amongst these were some background into how a Frenchman carried the news of our victory at Trafalgar to London. Also reports of local riots and life in the workhouse in the Victorian era.

December 2011

Our final meeting of the year took place on Friday 9th with an illustrated talk The History of the Vyne given by John Jenkins. This well-received presentation was followed by discussion and thoughts for the New Year.

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