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Events during 2012

January 2012

Our talk on January 27th, Technology in Iron-Age Berkshire was given by Paul Goodenough. Paul's knowledge of the Iron-Age is vast, following years of research which led to the publication of a book. His central message was that the development of technology during the period was much faster than in the Bronze Age and had far-reaching effects on the way of life of the ordinary people.

February 2012

Room 6 at the Farnborough Community Centre was packed on February 24th for John Wall's talk on Sudan, Egypt's Southern Neighbour. Taking us south along the Nile, from just inside the Egyptian border, John covered the visible sites, showing the extent of Egyptian influence in ancient times. Many of the structures were of mud-brick which had survived remarkably well despite repeated flooding and exposure to wind and sandstorms over millennia. Nearing Khartoum the style and form of the buildings changed to reflect more local traditions. The interest of the attendees was expressed by the many questions that followed.

March 2012

On March 9th, Pam Taylor gave her illustrated talk on Ethiopia. This well received presentation shed much light on an historic region of North Africa which has been off the tourist trail until quite recently.

Later in the month, on the 23rd, we had our AGM which was attended by 16 members. This was followed by John Paddon's talk on Dubrovnik. Due to a technical problem preventing the showing of his slides, John had to paint a verbal picture of this delightful and now very tranquil town on the Adriatic coast. The marks of the conflict, which engulfed the area following the break-up of Yugoslavia are, however, still much in evidence.

April 2012

Our illustrated talk on the 27th was Roman Provence, given by Ginny & Tony Wright. Their report of this very enjoyable tour attracted a large audience and included many fine photos of the Roman features of the area.

May 2012

On the 25th a large audience was treated to heritage films of Farnborough and Winchester plus its Cathedral. David Lee, of the Wessex Film & Sound Archive presented the show which brought back many memories. Included were local scenes from the 60's, 70's and 80's and some past Farnborough Airshows, something for everyone!

June 2012

Alexine Crawford gave an illustrated talk on the 22nd about how she came to write her historical novel Comely Grace. Set in Farnham during the English Civil War, Alexine needed to do a lot of research in order to give the story an authentic feel. Her talk attracted much interest and proved to be a fine ending to our season of Friday meetings. It also fitted in rather well with one of our CBA Festival events! (see below).

July 2012

There were no indoor meetings in July or August but as part of CBA Festival of British Archaeology 2012 we held an exhibition of local pottery in Fleet Library for the whole fortnight. Also, for our summer outing, we made a visit to Farnham Castle and Bishop's Palace on Thu 26th July. The sun shone brightly and nearly 30 people arrived to make the tour which started at the new Visitor Centre. This was followed by a climb up to the Castle Keep for picnic lunch.

Stairway into Castle KeepThe group in Farnham Castle Keep

In the afternoon our group enjoyed a tour of the Bishops' Palace which is now used as a conference centre. We visited two chapels the designs of which are 500 years apart! This was followed by tea and biscuits.
Farnham - Bishops PalaceStaircase in Bishops Palace

Also during CBA festival fortnight, members of NEHHAS joined with Berkshire Archaeology Research Group (BARG) to carry out a geophysical survey of part of a field at Greywell. The results of this survey were written up in a report, an outline of which can be accessed here.

Pam and John surveyingTony holds the measureBARG members doing resistance measurement

August 2012

There were no society events during August.

September 2012

On Fri 14th our first meeting following the summer break included initial results of the Greywell Geophysics Survey. This took the form of a PowerPoint presentation given by Tony Wright. Following tea Richard Hoyland gave a short presentation on Flatford Mill and its associations with 19c painter John Constable.

October 2012

A crowded Room 6 was treated to a fascinating and informative talk on Friday 12th. Bill Fergie gave us The Development of Timber-framed Buildings, using dendrochronology through the work of the Hampshire Buildings Survey Group. Bill covered timber selection and methods of working, followed by layout plans of medieval houses and various roof structures. After a brief introduction to dendrochronology, he showed us examples of Hampshire buildings of various dates, verified using this technique.

November 2012

On Friday 9th, Richard Hoyland gave his presentation entitled: Boudica's Revolt and the Wanborough Hoard. In his talk Richard attempted to find a convincing argument for the hoard found at Wanborough during the 1980s being part of the booty taken by Boudica's army in AD60 (or 61). The large and enthusiastic audience, although not entirely convinced, enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the possibility!

BoudicaspaceBroken pot

Our talk on the 23rd was entitled: Using and Moving Pottery in Medieval Hampshire. In his illustrated talk, Dr Ben Jervis post-Roman pottery specialist, detailed the distribution of pottery finds showing how local sources were prevalent due to the difficulty in transporting a fragile commodity, especially by road, in Medieval times. Also specific forms of pottery tended to be associated with certain social groups or institutions. The talk was well received by the large audience.

December 2012

For a review of last year's activities click here.


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